Using of transition words to improve your essay

Learning to write a good essay is something that is going to take time and practice, but there is one way to enhance your writing and that is with the use of transitions.

There are some people who over use them and others who rarely ever apply them. These are both bad ways to approach writing and if you want to get the right kind of results, you need to learn to use an optimal amount of transitions on your essay.

With that said, we are going to be focusing on the basics in order for you to get a good idea of the importance that these transitions have.

There are some transitions that are considered mild while others are much stronger, but the main reason why they exist is to make anything you write easier to understand and ensure that you have a solid structure for your readers.

The common transitions are:


The “fancier” versions of those transitions are:

In addition-however-therefore-moreover

It’s always important to make the best use of transitions, but you should never overdo them or repeat them. If you use the transition “but” in one sentence, you should use however in the next if possible instead of repeating the same transition you used before

This is a great way to make sure that your text is not plagued with repetitive writing because this will lower your essay score substantially.

Avoid trying to sound fancy

This is one of the biggest problems with some amateur writers. They will start to use transitions words that sound fancy and they end up turning their text into a complete mess. You need to learn when to use a transition and when to decide if the sentence or paragraph calls for the use of a transition that sounds a little more complex and fancy.

Consider the use of certain transitions to be decided based on the subject and the flow of the sentences and paragraphs. This is going to allow you to start developing a sense for the use of certain words at the right time.

If your audience is going to be a bunch of scientists and doctors, you might want to crank up on the use of fancy transitions, but never go too far with them either. In addition, you can use a different transition to avoid being repetitive.

Practice makes perfect

You should write as often as possible and avoid correcting anything you wrote until you are done with at least 300 words of text.

Then you can look back and see just how many transitions you applied to your writing. Write often and join communities that have writers who are looking to share tips and general knowledge on how to write properly.

There are many great groups in social media that are entirely dedicated to helping writers find constructive criticism and general advice on their writing. Just remember to have an open mind and to learn as much as you can from people with more writing experience.

Research is always important

There is no better time to be a student of any kind of subject than now. The reason is that we have most of the information we need online and we can easily gain access to it.

When you feel any doubt about the use of a certain transition in your writing, you can always research for that kind of transition and even post an example for others to see and give you their feedback.


Becoming a great writer that is able to capture the attention of the reader and avoid sounding repetitive is essential for your success as a writer. The important thing to always consider is that you need to write often and look for experienced writers who want to take the time to help you polish your skills.

Once you have learned to decide when to use transitions and what kind of transitions to use, you will be able to start getting great scores for your essays and this is going to be an extremely powerful advantage that you will be able to use for the rest of your life in many situations.