Student wedding during studying period

Student wedding

The most common advice that people are given when they are studying is to forget about getting involved in any serious relationship.

This is usually only going to be a distraction as most relationship sin college are brief, but there are some situations and some cases when things do work out between two people who are still studying and they want to get married.

There are some tips that we can give you if you are a student on a budget and you are looking to get married before you graduate.

Never lose sight of your priorities

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that even if you decide to get married right now, you need to remember that your main priority is to be able to graduate. Your marriage is going to be much more successful if you both graduate from college and this is an extremely important thing to remember when you are planning your wedding.

A simple ceremony will do

There is no need for you to get in debt in order to be able to have a nice wedding that your closest family and friends can attend. Forget about getting into any kind of debt for the ceremony because the thing that truly matters is what your marriage signifies for both of you.

Always keep in mind that you can have all the fun later after you both graduate and you can have a great party.

No need for an expensive honeymoon either

You should both consider this to be a sacrifice you are making because you are committed to each other. There is no need for a fancy and expensive honeymoon right now. You can have a great honeymoon later and it will be even more rewarding.

Go ahead and have a honeymoon now, but try to limit your budget and avoid getting into any kind of debt.

Ask for support from family and friends

There is nothing more important than being able to get support from your loved ones because they might help you have a wedding that is not going to be so expensive. You can hire get help from students who are musicians and can play live music at your wedding and also photography students who can take the photos at the event.

he idea is for you to get creative and get help from your campus.

Never listen to negative comments

There are always going to be people who tell you that you should wait and you need to be in a better financial situation if you decide to get married. The truth is that if you feel like you have found the right person, you should get married, but this is something that both of you need to feel ready to do.

The only two people who need to agree on this are both parties involved as long as you are both of legal age to get married.


Being able to have a wedding while you are still studying is not something that should prove to be difficult as long as you try to keep things simple. Always prioritize your studies and make sure that you don’t neglect them at any point because this is going to be essential for you to be able to have a much better life together once you both graduate.

You are both going to be a team that is going to handle all of the adversities that come your way. Being married can be a great thing and you it will be an amazing experience for both of you as long as you are confident about your decision.