Online tools to help you write college papers

Online tools for college paper writing

There is no question that being able to get the best results when you are writing your college papers and essays is going to be extremely important and if you want to have spare time for your extracurricular activities in college, you should consider using these important tools to get the best possible results.

We are going to give you some of the most useful free online tools that will allow you to get the kind of results that you want and need.


This one comes with a fairly high cost, but the services it provides do make up for it. It will show you the weak spots in your paper and it will allow you to correct them. You will get a step by step process that is going to allow you achieve much better results with your writing skills. They have several packages to choose from and the recommendation is that college students purchase their standard package.


This is an excellent service because they will help your polish your work, but they will not do it for you. You need to present the paper to them and depending on your needs and timeframe, they will give you a specific cost.

This is not software, but actual people who are dedicated to this service and they have a 24 hour availability for anyone who need their help. Definitely one of the most recommended places for anyone to go to when they need to get their paper edited and proofread.

Prowriting aid

This site provides improvements for many aspects of your text. They will check for readability, clichés, grammar and spelling errors, abstract phrasing, repetitive sentences and phrases and the general presentation and structure on your paper.


This is one of the most popular sites used by writers, students and people in general all over the world. They have the claim of being the best and most accurate grammar checker in the world and they do have an extended scan for 250 grammar rules.

Grammarly also offers a great vocabulary builder that will give you suggestions for the words you have chosen to use. The spellchecker will also take the context of your paper into consideration when you run a scan.


This is the site that has the reputation for providing the best and most effective plagiarism checking services online and they have earned their right to be at the top of the list. If you want to make sure that there are no coincidences or copies text that you accidentally wrote exactly the same as you saw it in a publication, the use of Copyscape will be ideal for our needs.

They provide free checks for ay text inside a link, but their Premium packages are much better and they provide the best results. You can get 200 credits for just $10 and you can check up to 2000 words with each credit.


This is the most practical of the bunch, but probably the least useful due to the limited features. It’s free, so it should provide the initial scan for your needs. This includes a plagiarism check, spelling, grammar, readability and even the title of your paper. Definitely worth checking out and it can be very useful to help you get a good preliminary check going.


You need to remember that this kind of services are not meant to be a replacement for your own skills as writer. They are to be used as tools to aid you in your quest to write quality college papers and that is going to allow you to get the kind of results that you want when you get graded for your work.

If you really want to get better with your college writing, you will find that these tools will provide excellent results, but do keep in mind that you need to be involved in the process as much as you can.

The tools are not going to write the papers for you, but they will you great guidelines that will allow you to make the necessary corrections that will allow for the best possible grade and that is the main reason to use them.