How to improve creative writing in college

improve creative writing

There is no question that one of the most rewarded aspects for a college paper is the creativity involved and this is the reason why you need to be able to foster creativity as much as possible and we are going to give you some great methods that you can apply in order to get the best possible results from your writing.

The important thing is that you are able to understand the basics of creative writing and this is going to allow you to expand your skills to a whole new level.

The 101 on creative writing

There are quite a few important elements that allow you to construct a narrative for creative writing:

  • the plot
  • the setting
  • the characters
  • the dialogue
  • the theme
  • point of view
  • the description

When you learn to use those elements you will be able to create a story, but in order for that story to be engaging, you need to consider other factors and you need to consider them part of your basic arsenal in order to write something that truly engages.

You need a good guy in the story

This basically means that you need to have a hero in the story. It could be a dog that saves people, or a man that want to rescue his daughter, or perhaps a woman who is on a quest to find the villain who killed her husband. The point is that there has to be someone that your audience is going to be rooting for.

All of your characters need to want something

It doesn’t matter if what the character wants is trivial. You need to make sure that every character in your story is going to make it clear that they want something and that it will interact with the plot in one way or another.

Make your main character suffer

We always find that characters who suffer from any kind of tragedy or adversity will always be the ones that we favor. The stories are always way better when the main character is able to conquer those adversities.

Make sure everything holds together

You should avoid leaving blank spaces or employing useless chit chat or actions in your story. All events should do something in order to help move the story forward or at least introduce a new character into the mix. This means that if your main character stops to grab a bite, you should avoid focusing your time in what he will eat, unless a new character is going to be introduced as he takes a bite of the cheeseburger he ordered.

Creative writing in college

The good thing about taking a creative writing class is that you will be able to create stores and so will the other students that take the class with you. The most common dynamic used by creative writing teachers is to have students read the stories and then critique the work in a constructive manner.

Most people who want to experience a rich and proper college education, are going to enroll in creative writing classes. This happens because they will usually be given advice on how powerful and useful creative writing can be in their lives.

Always welcome critics

The truth is that writing can be subject to interpretation depending on the taste of the reader, but there will always be certain key elements that will make for a great story. Even when a person is not a huge fan of a certain genre, it’s very likely that they will appreciate a good story when they read it.

Being able to take criticism in order to grow as a writer is always going to be very useful, but once you establish that a large number of people like your work, you should follow your instinct and know that even the best writers have plenty of critics.


Being able to become a creative writer is going to help you in very possible aspect of your life. This is definitely the kind of skill that will be useful for any profession and any kind of career you decide to pursue. Creativity has allowed humanity to evolve and innovate.

Creativity allows us to expand our ideas and to create a whole new world of possibilities. It will also give us the tools to sell products and service efficiently, by using creative ways to engage people and to convince them that what we are selling is what they need.