How to come up with the best essay topics for academic writing in 2016

academic writing in 2016

Finding or coming up with the best essay topics for academic writing in 2016 can seem like a puzzling job.

A lot of people are perplexed as to which topic they should choose. There are so many out there to choose from and figuring out which is the best one can leave a person frustrated.

Choosing the best topic is imperative if a person really wants to write a good essay. The topic more or less defines what the essay is all about. The wrong topic can mean the difference between an essay being tossed to the garbage or being stamped with a gold star, so to speak.

Here are a few tips for those who want to find or come up with the best essay topics for academic writing in 2016.

Look at what is trending on the Internet

The Internet is one of the best sources of a topic for an essay. There are plenty of places that can help a person find or come up with really interesting topics for their essay.

Looking at the trending or hot topics can give a person a feel of where their field is going. Most articles online can give a person new ideas on where to take their essay since many of them deal with issues that can open new horizons.

Speaking of new horizons, it’s also wonderful to choose the topic that other people can build on. This will make the essay a lot better since it opens up for more discussion and dialogue in the academic world.

Remember, the academe is all about the relentless pursuit of knowledge and understanding. If an essay ends without opening up new topics for discussion, then the academic discourse hits a dead end.

The academic world loves essays that open new doors for the community. It provides a new avenue for more writing and discovering new things.

Use search engines

This might be the laziest and lamest approach for finding a good academic topic for an essay, but it’s also the most reliable approach. That said, it’s still ideal to come up with an original topic.

Using a topic that someone else has already come up with will make the essay look derivative and uninspired. Worst of all, it will make it look like the writer didn’t really put a lot of effort into it.

Sometimes, adding a twist to the topic can make it look fresh. This is actually the easiest way of coming up with a new academic topic.

Reading articles online is another good idea. A lot of these academic articles often end with new topics of discussion that the reader might want to explore and expand upon.

Copying someone’s topic is a bad idea, but expanding on what has already been talked about is never wrong.

Be specific with the topic

A person who wants a good topic for an academic essay has to be as precise as they can. Having a topic that’s too broad can make the essay seem like it’s trying to do more than it can handle or vague and confusing.

Make sure that it hasn’t already been done

There’s nothing worse than writing an academic essay about something that has already been done. Writing something that other people have already made is just like saying something that’s already been said. In essence, it’s like the essay has no sense. Why say something that has already been said anyway?

Be daring

Teachers and instructors love people who are daring with the topics that they choose. Be creative and imaginative and don’t be afraid to pick a topic even if it might seem difficult at first. Keep these in mind and choosing from the best essay topics for academic writing in 2016 should be a breeze.