How to become a copywriter

girl writing on a field

There is no question that the idea of being able to become a writer in order to make a living is not something that everyone can do for a living.

But there are many people who have natural skills for proper writing and this can be a very god advantage that is going to help you achieve your goal of becoming a copywriter.

What does a copywriter do?

The first thing that we need to make perfectly clear is that a copywriter is someone who works with words on a daily basis, but not necessarily someone that creates content based on research.

A copywriter can also be someone who proofreads content, interviews people, manages projects related to writing content and can also implement and come up with marketing plans and campaigns.

A copywriter is someone who can write all kinds of material for online and offline purposes. One copywriter could be dedicated to the process of writing blog posts online while another could be writing emails to companies or making reports and working on case studies.

What is the best way to become a copywriter?

One of the great things about being a writer is that people will often hire you based on your abilities and not on the kind of education you got. Anyone can learn proper grammar and punctuation, but their writing could still lack the required skill to engage the readers.

Most people are looking for writers that can engage and capture the attention of their readers and this is the reason why we recommend that you become a copywriter if you feel you have the natural skills for it.

Always remember that your ability to engage the readers is going to speak much louder than any degree you could ever show to a potential client. Your writing should always be your credential.

How to get those first jobs?

The best way to start getting jobs is to have plenty of work posted online that your clients can check out. Even if you have to spend a year writing for free, you should take the time to start creating a good online portfolio.

This is going to allow you to show your potential customers that your skills are way more valuable than your professional experience.

Once you get those initial jobs, you should start charging a low fee, but this is going to be rewarding in the future when you have more clients and you are able to raise your prices significantly.

The beginning is always going to be difficult, but the rewards of the sacrifices made at first will be huge.

Freelancing is your best bet

When you are trying to break into the profession of being a copywriter, you will probably have a hard time getting a job at a local magazine or newspaper, but you will be able to start offering your work as a freelancer and this can become a full-time job if you have patience and you deliver quality work.

Work hard and don’t be picky at first

Once you establish yourself as a copywriter, you can start to get pickier with the kind of work you do, but we do recommend that you take on jobs that you might not find so interesting.

Write about anything that people request from you and this will help you broaden your skills as a writer.


Becoming a copywriter is not easy, but you definitely have more tools at your disposal now and you could be making a full time living out of being a freelancing copywriter.

There are many platforms that allow for copywriters to earn the kind of money that could pay the bills.